What is one of your biggest financial obligations/expense? Taxes! We take advantage of what you can do legally to minimize your personal and business taxes. The only effective way to reduce your tax liabilities is to plan, strategize, and implement. Ask yourself, “What can I do now through the end of the year to reduce my taxes?” Don’t wait until tax time to start planning. We can help you prepare by assembling a tax projection for you and advising you on what you should do before year’s end and the coming years to minimize your current and future tax burden. We’ll provide you with detailed instructions and follow up with you.

We will make sure that you are in compliance with all of your federal, state and city filing requirements. Our significant investment in computerized tax preparation and research software enables us to accurately and efficiently prepare returns for various types of entities including:

Individuals- Form 1040, 1040NR and all related schedules and forms such as Schedule A, C, D, E and etc.

Corporations- Forms 1120, for C corporations, and Form 1120S for S Corporations, and all related forms and schedules.

Partnerships- Form 1065 whether a Limited Liability Company (LLC), a General Partnership (GP) or a Limited Partnership (LP) and all related forms and schedules  trusts, estates, and not-for-profit organizations. We are set-up to e-file your returns as well.

Multi State Taxation- Whether you work in one state or multiple states, we can help you minimize the taxes owed to all states and advise you going forward what is the most effective option for you tax wise.

City & Business Tax/Licenses- Whether your office is located in City of Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Burbank or Santa Monica, we can prepare the required city business license and advise you to pay the least amount of taxes for each city.

International Taxation- Our experience with the taxation of U.S residents working abroad and foreign citizens working in the U.S. has provided us with an extensive base of knowledge in the area of international taxation.

Sales & Use Tax- Do you sell to an end user or make out state purchases? Do you know how to collect sales tax or how to pay a use tax? We can help you with both.

We will always quote you a fee before the start of a project so that there is no surprise on how much it will cost.