Business Management



What is Business Management service? Business management basically lets you hand off all of your day to day business and personal financial tasks to us. Essentially, we do everything for you. We pay and keep track of all of your bills and keep your financial commitments in order.   We handle your billing, collect and deposit your income/earnings for you; you will no longer have to deal with the tedious task of paying your bills every month nor keeping track of who owes you what.

In addition, of relieving you of your daily/monthly/annual financial tasks, we also provide you with additional personal and business services that could otherwise be time consuming.  Assume you need a handyman or a mechanic, we’ll find you one for you.  You need to go out of town for business or pleasure; we’ll make all the arrangements for you.  You need health insurance; we’ll get you multiple quotes and find you a policy that best addresses your needs.  You need to compare different private schools’ we get you the information that you need.  These are just a few examples of the additional services that we provide you as your business manager.

Furthermore, by having co-control with you over your personal and business finances, we are able to reduce your personal and business federal and state tax liabilities: we are able to accurately, properly and legally account for all of your personal and business expenses that are tax deductible. This maximizes your deductions; not a penny will be spent without it properly being accounted for and deducted.

In essence, our firm becomes your personal and business accounting and administrative departments for a fraction of the cost you would have to pay to create and manage those departments on your own. In addition, our business management clients enjoy all the benefits of our services - it’s all-inclusive, at no extra charge - such as:  Tax preparation and planning (personal and business); retirement planning and implementation, trust and estate planning; IRS and state representation; personal and business budgeting and forecasting; payroll services; business consulting and much more!

In the past, business management service has been known to be for people in the entertainment industry that are too busy to take care of their finances.  Although, we have many business management clients in the entertainment industry such as producers, directors, executives, editors, cameraman, writers, and others; we also have professionals, CEOs, doctors, dentists, attorneys, entrepreneurs and others, that use our business management services.  Our fee is very competitive and we have a low monthly minimum.  You will be surprised how affordable it is to become our business management client and receive all of the services and benefits that it provides.