Below are various infomative brochures for your use:

Deduction for Qualified Business Income, Sec. 199A 

2020 Pocket Tax Guide

2019 Pocket Tax Guide

2018 Pocket Tax Guide

2017 Pocket Tax Guide

2016 Pocket Tax Guide

2015 Pocket Tax Guide

2010 IRS Data Book

Airline Flight Crew Personnel

Alternative Minimum Tax Strategies 

American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012

Auto Mileage Log

Business Professionals 

Charitable Giving and Your Taxes 

Choice of Entity - Make the Right Entity Choice


Client Disclosure and Consent

Coverdell Education Savings Accounts

Day Care Providers

Disaster Casualty Losses

Don't be a Victim to IRS Phone & Email Scams 


EFiling Your Tax Return

Energy Efficient Vehicle Credits 



Home Ownership 

Household Employees and Your Taxes

IRS Audits

Its Tax Time

Keeping More What You Make 

Keeping Your Tax Records 

Making Estimated Tax Payments 

Medical Professionals 

Overnight Drivers

Peace Officers

Planning the Key to Your Financial Future 

Planning Your IRA Strategy 

Privacy Brochure Disclosure

Privacy Brochure Non Disclosure


Rental Real Estate as an Investment

Required Minimum IRA Distributions

Roth IRA

Sales Representatives

Selling Your Home

Small Business Guide

Solo 401(k) Plans

Tax Advantaged College Savings

Tax Breaks for Higher Education

Tax Considerations for Retirees

Tax Planning to Lower Your Taxes

Telecommuting Employees

Tips on Filling Your Tax Return

Using Your Home Equity

Waiters and Waitresses

What's Your Business Worth?